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The Horror


I reckon the Mini Paul Smith limited edition was subconsciously inspired by "Stripey".

I used to have quite a lot to do with Mini fandom, and I'd definitely think twice about doing that to a Mini.

I even used to do a web cartoon based on my first Mini, which was mildly tuned

Air Terrainean can tell stories of it shooting up Harlech hill like the proverbial rat up a drainpipe.
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I just want to know what Gerry was thinking.
In interviews he's always saying he wanted to make live action but he was 'stuck' using marionettes so tried to make each series more complex and realistic than the last. So after Thunderbirds he wanted to make a series about two dolls living with Mini-driving Pandas?

Gerry... what were you on?

Oh and Steve, I love your 'Snorty' comics... excellent stuff :D


So after Thunderbirds he wanted to make a series about two dolls living with Mini-driving Pandas?

Well, perhaps it was a misguided attempt to capture the younger end of the market that had been served by "Torchy" and the like. You have to admit that some of his former employees managed to do that with "Rupert The Bear" and "Cloppa Castle".

Glad you like the cartoons. I do miss having a Mini..


I actually recall seeing part of an episode of this travesty, once.
I saw Gerry Anderson's name at the end of the "Candy and Andy" credits, and that was the last time I watched any TV thing from Gerry Anderson for many, many years.

Then, I saw "Terrahawks", and wondered what in 21 hells had happened to Gerry Anderson that such a thing was produced.

It was not until after the turn of this century, when UFO began to be shown at 2am on TV that I renewed my interest in Gerry Anderson shows and vehicles.
Suffice it to say that in the intervening years, I have worked hard to suppress any memories of both "Terrahawks" and "Candy and Andy".

Kind and Respectful Regards, Uyraell.


So would this have been made instead of Captain Scarlet, I wonder? Can you imagine if he had gone in that direction?


There is actually a term used in modern cybernetics - "uncanny valley" - which describes the uneasiness caused by near-lifelike dummies, dolls or robots. As robots become more lifelike, this unease is caused by a lack of the normal everyday things we come to expect from a real human being. I reckon that's what Century 21 came up against once they moved to more realistic puppet body sizes, and the more they substituted long shots of real people, the more sub-consciously confused the audience got.

ISTR I could watch Thunderbirds quite happily age 4, but Joe 90 creeped me out something rotten.

Mind you, one has to question the whole premise of a show where a Professor adopts a 9-year old boy with the express intention of experimenting on his brain. One can't help but think the adoption agency was being more than a little careless....
Don't think this was ever meant as a TV series - There was an Candy & Andy comic out in the day for younger children that featured these toys in various photos to illistrate the story of a magic toy shop they even used to use the JR21 Thunderbird toys as toys (years before Toy Story implying they had a life of their own.)
The mini even made it out as a Dinky replica that goes for some price on EBAY


According to the article it was aborted as a TV series, but the comics kept it alive. Surprised it never featured in TV Century 21.
Can you imagine a Fireball/Candy and Andy crossover? The Bearandas and their sinister kids take over Space City, while Stripey chases Robert around the base, lol


Has that kind of modern twizzle and torchy feeling to it doesnt it

Oh no the poor 5 year olds

arent you glad this wasnt made into a tv show


Not sure if that's barkin' mad or downright disturbing!

I'll go with "downright disturbing" and make certain I've an NBC Suit with full O2 tanks and fresh atmosphere filters, and suitable weaponry, very close to hand.:lol:

Kind and Respectful Regards, Uyraell

Ham Salad

Hey, you may think this concept sound crazy...but there was a popular japanese show about a family of mannequins living in the live action real world and interacting with actual humans...

OK the pandas make the Anderson concept weirder, but still....