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The Mercury Man...


:2c: :(

If you're a long-time American Andersonphile, like me, likely as not your first
Anderson series was Supercar...

And, as fond as I am of Space:1999 and Thunderbirds and all the rest that have found their way over here to my side of the water across the years, I think those of you who know me will also be aware that the wonderfully-eclectic Team Black Rock still holds a special place in my heart...


So it was with sadness that I learned this wkend of the passing, earlier this year, of the voice of Mike Mercury himself, Mr Graydon Gould. Mike was my first Anderson hero, who showed the way for all that have followed...

Bless you, sir, and Thank You. Full Boost Vertical, and Safe Journey...


Another hero gone.
Supercar was the first Anderson series I watched and can still remember discovering that first episode as if it was yesterday.
Supercar and Thunderbirds are my favourite puppet series and watch them on a regular basis.