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The new Dalek


Perhaps the production designer for the new DOCTOR WHO was eating a bag of M&Ms while redesigning the DALEKS?:lol:

And it all went right to his...I mean the Daleks hips.

I can't say I like the design, it looks like they took the idea of the skirt thing to far.
It reminds me of a big hipped woman with a slim torso wearing a skirt.

I can make a long critique of what's wrong with the thing by what I've seen. But I haven't seen the latest show, without that it's hard to get a proper context.


just thought I'd add my tuppence worth.
The new design deleks look crap.There-I've said it and I don't feel bad.
Bring back the PROPER daleks.

Slate Mcleod

Here is the Dalek I made about 7 years's the Dalek leader from the second Cushing movie. I had to sell it some time ago due to financial reasons (divorce!). Anyone know where this is now ?

It fired CO2 from the gun just like the ones in the films and yes it had a voice modulator fitted inside that was wired to the dome lights.
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Steve Gerard

Slate Mcleod, brilliant Dalek that you built:thumbup:, since you had to let it loose in the world, let's hope someone knows were it is currently "exterminating".


It's funny because I don't mind the coloured Daleks from the old movies.
It sort of made sense to have a chain of command.
But these new ones....:no:
Must just be the design of them that bugs me.
Anyway, I said my opinion of them.....more than once now!
I'll stop now.

Looked better with the stone finish in the museum.

Slate Mcleod

That's a really nice build!! Time you made another ... ??!!

I did start on an New Series version following "Dalek" in 2005. Had virtually all of the parts except the slats for the shoulders. Time and money became an issue though and I let it go for £800 two years ago. The guy who got it had a was all fibreglass to make it as light as possible. He really only had to do the internals (seat etc) and put it together and paint it. It was based on the dims John Darley and the gang put together. I don't have the room for a Dalek these days so thats why i switched back to scale models instead.


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I think that's called "pushing your luck a bit" - buy a 10 quid toy, take it out of its packet, hand paint it (by the looks of it) pink (or add some silver and blue) and then try and charge 10 times its original price ... hmmm!! :greed:

Apart from the high price they're hoping for, the "problem" I have with this is that as it's been removed from its packing and messed around with, from a "collectable" point of view it's not worth anything.

If the seller had super-detailed them and/or made an appropriate diorama for them, then perhaps a higher-than-off-the-shelf price could be justified.

Gloss green Airfix Eagle, anyone? Only £500 to you. What an investment! :liar:
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If you can't beat 'em, I say...

Here is a unique Dalek variant - Stealth Dalek.
NOT seen in the latest series (or was it?).
Mint in box. Sorry, real mint not included.

Only £200.
Will be sent First Class (once I find the b*gger).
Remember, er, oh I forget...

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Excellent! I'm not daft, I'll take half a dozen, they'll be worth a fortune in years to come.

Money's too good for 'em - please let me know where to send the magic beans.