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The new Dalek


oh dear:(: the seller appears to have declined my over generous offer, perhaps cos I reported his listing as he claims they are unopened,unused and undamaged, then states in his description he's customised them and resealed the packaging.


Just playing around with my CAD and came up with this

Cool that some new sort of Emperor?

Bought the Drone from forbidden planet (last one left and they only just got them in that morning) and added him to my collection.

I call him Franco

He really does look so much bigger than the other Daleks in his scale.


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It can never hurt to have a Dalek or two, (or more if possible), in your collection. I now have five of the 12" Daleks and Davros, and around half a dozen other assorted sized Daleks.


Cool that some new sort of Emperor?

Thanks for noticing Chris, no, not particularly an Emperor, just toshing some ideas together, as I'm making real progress in using the CAD program I'll refine it a little, get a bit more symmetry going on around the 'skirt', play about with it some more.

Again, many thanks for your encouraging comment, ps nice collection :thumbup:
Nice cgi renderings! The colours are a bit bright when they're altogether yes but I quite like the new Daleks. It amazes me that a lot of those moaning about the new Daleks don't mind the new Doctor looking so young.