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The newer RU 23 Eagle?

Hi guys, haven't been around for a while so Hi!

I was wondering what thoughts or threads there are around about the newer molded replicas Unlimited 23" Eagle kits? I have seen the album here of pictures of it but I was wondering about overall impressions, especially now they offer two types of leg pods and a two part spine? What is their Lab Pod like?

I still have my earlier RU 23 kit and metal bells and sensors for it but I was wondering whether I would be better served using the metal parts (and spine booster kit) on a better molding as frankly even after a lot of work the spine piece is still pretty bad.




Hey Tony!

I know this ain't what you asked, but I finished an RU not long ago if any of that would help?

Started out every bit as bad as the old one you're working on! Worse, I would say, since much of what I was sent was also broken.

Hi guy's, i'm new here and have a couple of questions. I have a mattel eagle i am working on.I made some discs out of metal for the command module and was wondering if i would run into any problems drilling into the plastic to apply these? This is my first attempt at modifying one of these.Also does anyone know what scale these are? Thanks for any help.