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The Prisoner Blu-Ray


Just watched the first two episodes of The Prisoner on Blu-Ray last night and was extremely impressed: the level of colour and detail was amazing. And for the purists it's in4:3 with the option of surround sound or original mono.


So Granada can do it for "The Prisoner" but not for "Thunderbirds"? I can remember being told that TB's was widescreen because that's what the market demanded.

Apparently not.
I seem to remember the marketing woman from Granada did not want to get into a 16:9 debate, I have a setting on the tv to watch it via that option, why do they let people who have no interest in the shows/market make all these releases? all people want is the mono soundtrack and original 4:3 picture, why do they keep F@#%ing it up time after time????
I guess people will vote via their wallets.
Network are seasoned in releasing archive Tv on DVD and now BD and obviously have a far better awareness and their finger on the pulse in respect of what is required from such releases.

The BD release of the Prisoner is getting rave reviews for both quality of the overall package and the extras. Putting to one side it has half the number he episodes of the aforementioned it is also somewhat cheaper than Thunderbirds BD set, I have seen some pre-release offers as low as £40.

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SPACE 1899

Have not invested in a blu-ray player yet, but had been recently researching the different Prisoner dvd box sets for sale.

I finally settled on and bought the Network 40th anniversary Special Edition Digitally Restored box set - and am thoroughly impressed with it - included is an extra dvd containing a whole wealth of extras (as indeed, did the Network Space 1999 Year 1 box set), including 'Don't Knock Yourself Out' - an exclusive feature length documentary, plus a 288 page paperback book entitled 'A Complete Production guide' by Andrew Pixley.

I would say that this Network box-set beats all the other Prisoner box-sets hands down. :yes:

The only disadvantage I have found is that no subtitles are included whereas they are on some of the other Prisoner box-sets. Come to think of it, that disadvantage also applies to the Network Space 1999 Year 1 box set :no: