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The Proteus from fantastic voyage


I am working on the Moebius 1/32nd scale 'Proteus' from the 1966 movie 'fantastic voyage'.
It's a decent kit (should be for $125) and looks great in the box... but as you start looking at it several inaccuracies become apparent. All are fixable. But given that for once, there is a Sci-Fi movie vehicle where there was a complete full-size mock-up - with an interior (that actually fits inside!) it should be 100% accurate! Often the kit-makers are trying to combine live-action set pieces and/or several models.

I am chronicling the project, and have made 2 videos so far which are posted on 'Youtube';


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The kit can only be as accurate as the records which were kept from the original set prop construction- which was about 52 years ago (aside from kit production compromises)

I am watching your build with interest- I have one of these kits in my closet of doom waiting...


I agree that it can only as accurate as the original records. But the movie 'fantastic voyage' is a very thorough document! Looking at the DVD of the film - which is all I am doing - reveals quite obvious and significant errors which the folks at Moebius should have got right.
IMO the very best model kit of this subject is Drew's (Crows Nest) 1:48 resin kit- out of production now. He named his company after the incident during filming when the production team was drying out the smallest filming model (1 1/2") when a crow flew to the window sill and stole it.
I really wanted his kit but it was just too expensive at the time. He wanted to make smaller editions (1:72 & 1:144) but had trouble digitally printing the masters.