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The Return of Major Matt Mason ?


I was browsing through pictures from this years San Diego Comic Con and found these shots from a Mattel display .

Does this mean Mattel plan on re-releasing the line ? :O
Or are they just displaying a 40 year old product ?? :-/


it would be Too Cool if Mattel Revived Major Matt Mason! i had that Line when i was a Kid! it Would be Cool to see that! have Any of You Noticed that the Suits & Helmets Look Similar to Space:1999 Suits & Helmets? Stay Cool. Dan


For those of you who did not know:

- A MMM movie starring Tom Hanks is planned. He is well known for being an MMM fan since childhood (like me ;)).

- For some scenes of Space 1999 Major Matt Mason figures were "borrowed":



Love Matt Mason, nice to see others remember him too, I restored one and have him on display, but rare is the person that recognises him.


i had major matt mason as a kid and it was part of what kicked me off into science fiction. Ive just managed to get hold of the Major, sgt storm and doug davis in various states of damage. I plan to rewire them, repaint and am toying with different flags for different figures ( union flag for the sgt and russian for Davis) the last one Jeff long is about as easy to find as hens teeth at a reasonable price - i shall continue looking.


I am looking since several months for a Sgt. Storm but for a realistic price it seems to be nearly impossible to get one. To have one sent to CH, the figure and the shipping easily exceed 100$... and the prices are rising. This is just too much.


so rar

Okay chaps,
this is where i am so far. All figures rewired, repainted and set on actylic bases. I could not sourse a Jeff Long so i took a leaf out of Mattels book and repainted a Matt, he is a little darker in skin tone than the original. Ive added the metal cuff locks as the prototypes were to have and the dots for Davis and Long to keep the continuity. The severed head is for a female astronaut in green when i can get a donor body for her.


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My Major says howdy, really feel he's overdue for a promotion, his career sort of froze in the '70s.