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The Sci-Fi Babe Thread!


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And why not? :D

Please try to post only good quality images hosted on your own webspace. 640 pixels wide max please.

Keep it clean folks! :cop: ;)

Chat kept to a minimum works wonders too.



And let us not forget :twisted:


Another thread, another chance for another slobber over the mighty Mary:

Avengers is fantasy and sometimes SF right.
Here's the close runner up:

And just to prove it to any doubters, an out of character shot:



Right you lot - you've got me started on one of my favourite subjects 8)

Here you go with a little collection of some of my favourites from over the (many) years...this aside from Natalie Portman who has been so ably represented by Eagle above...

Denise Richards

Erin Gray (especially for TonyB)

Heather Graham

Jennifer Garner

Kate Beckinsale

Kristin Kreuk

Keri Russell

and last but not least Michelle Pfeiffer in my favourite of her roles



I had the opportunity a long time ago to see the actual catwoman costume in person (sadly not on Michelle ...) at the WB store in Manchester. It was tiny! Honestly, it wasn't much bigger than the Penguin's costume. She was stick thin!

Have to hunt down some photos to go with the above now ...

Too lazy to post my own:


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Well what can I say, this thread seems to be popular. :roll:

I was going to post a couple of images then I saw 'Keep it clean folks!' and that pretty much stopped me posting anything. :twisted:
Mathilda May - Lifeforce - a Sf/Horror film where the leading lady is naked for the entire film! So I'd better choose the pictures wisely to keep it clean...



CR said:
Cool, and thanks, Neal. By the way, your comment seems almost hilarious when viewed with your avatar of Crow T Robot. (I imagine Crow's voice in every post you've made here!)
On that note, here's the real picture of Jenny Agutter from above -- can you spot the difference?
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