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The Sci-Fi Babe Thread!


zoe tapper from the b7 audios

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To Mr. aggiev,nice pic you sent me of this hot brunette!It reminds my an old acquitance of mine.In the babes list I've seen you forurmners have not included Meg Foster(Evil-Lynn in the otherwise patetic movie about He-Man)an underrated actress,I think.


RIP to the 3 classic ( in every sense of the word) Dr Who companions we lost to cancer this year..all beautiful and inspiring


Michel Van

RIP to the 3 classic ( in every sense of the word) Dr Who companions we lost to cancer this year..all beautiful and inspiring

yes, this is a sad year for Dr Who fans.

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one reason i watch movie like Starcrash, The Golden Voyage of Sinbad is She

Caroline Munro

who almost became a Dr Who companion, in never produced feature film :cry:
A real pity

This malign illnes destroy everything,even those charming,intelligent ladies.My condolences to their families.
In my country it is said that what's promised is debt.Here goes three pics of a lady whose eyes even now at her old age keep me fascinated and subjugated.Mrs Meg Foster.


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OOps! it lacked one,sorry

Excuse the blunder.I'll fix it with some pics more.


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And yet another more recent American charming lady,from Starship Troopers,Dina Meyer..


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My own personal heroine, Cassandra Peterson.

Was scalded by boiling water when she was five years old. Underwent seventeen skin grafting operations over the course of her childhood to repair the scar tissue. Now covers some of her remaining scars (around neck and shoulders) with make-up or clothing. (She spent about 2 hours a day in make-up for her role in the film "Elvira, Mistress of the Dark".

#1 of Sci-Fi's Sexiest B-Queens, by Femme Fatales magazine. [1997]

And a strong supporter of both gay and animal rights.
Truly impressed you left me,both by her personal history(that I didn't know).and by the very sexy and suggestive female she has become.This demonstrates me that you can't have prejudices,'cause I always thought she was one more of those plastic surgery addicted beauty queens.Courage and strong will is a trademark of people(and that I know for personal experience) that sufferes or has suffered from a illnes,accident and its consequences.
I would add that the nowadays Catwomans have nothing to envy to those ladies.Let's see what are the looks of one of them,Ms Michelle Pfeiffer on Batman Returns.


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She doesn't seems older than my daughter that has nineteen.She has barely passed the legal age to do acting,and many other things.By the way she poses and looks to the camera,this kid in a coupla years will be quite a stunning young lady.Poor photographer,hard and demanding profession they have.