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The Sci-Fi Babe Thread!


Lucy... Lawless... :D



How could we forget every male (maybe some ladies too?), Sci Fi geeks dream girl pin up?

Delectable Scully, AKA Gillian Anderson



Like my Army Drill Sergent said to me "Son, God loves the Air Force..."
He also said something hard core about the Army right after that, but
I'm having a hard time recalling :drool:
And one of my personal favs- the uber-hottie evil princess from Flash Gordon- interestingly it seems she has lots of nude pics on yahoo search

I was gonna do the chick from Lifeforce but I couldn't find one with her clothes on from that movie..hehe


Don't know who she is, but I always loved this shot of her in "Guardian of Piri":
Not looking too bad here, either nor in the next shot here , where she's near the right side of both pics.
Might she be one of the nurses from earlier in the episode, possibly the one on the left here? )