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The Stingray Museum

Great site, Gordon! I really hope you take up Bernie's offer of a section here on the ETF... It would certainly be a valuable addition and I for one would visit it regularly!

Cool Caveman

Thanks Richard!

The site would need complete reconstruction, as all the photos are too small by today's standards... and I should have taken better photos of the collection before I started breaking it up :cry:

That is a great collection of history- I missed your site when it was up but I do hope you can transfer it to this one as mentioned.


Assistant Commander
Staff member
Thanks Richard!

The site would need complete reconstruction, as all the photos are too small by today's standards... and I should have taken better photos of the collection before I started breaking it up :cry:

Hi Gordon,

IF you were still interested I could check with the Captain to see if his offer of us hosting / rebuilding the site on ETF would still be valid? please drop me a pm to discuss more if interested

Sonu Sood

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