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This site's gone really quiet!


Sometimes I wonder if I am talking to myself. I think Facebook has taken over from the forums (but you can never find anything unless recent on FB); that and 44's are out of fashion for the Round2 model (scratch building is out of fashion - that started years ago with RTR and RTF RC models)

Steve Gerard

It's true. I joined in 2009 and it was extremely active from 2009 through 2012. Since 2013, it has been fading every year more than the previous. It is sad to see so many members no longer active. I have seen on other forums that I belong to also, not just here, where members just leave. :-/
However, without any doubt, this ETF forum has had the most drastic loss of members actively over the past three years. Unbelievable loss. :(
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I've been thinking this too. Used to see daily updates of real interest. Alas, not much these days. It's sad really.
I've suspected Facebook too. If that is the reason then I'm sorry but I think people are being stupid deserting sites like this for that site [ which many suspect is just a data gathering site ].

I won't use that site out of principle and I think everyone else would be better off not using it also.


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I am very new here & was wandering about how little activity there is.
I don't like facebook for a few reasons. Some of the reasons are the ones mentioned above plus I prefer forums as the info is there to research for the future where on facebook researching older stuff is next to impossible.

I have donated to the forum as the amount of information and knowledge on here is unreal. I am more than happy to have found the forum & a donation to help keep the forum running is the least anyone can do.
Unfortunately, the breakup/separation of the site really took many ppl away. Add to that, most ppl post on FB. Also, there are very few model part providers as before and not as many want to be a 44" due to the time and cost involved. Even the store offers very little when once it was filled with enthusiasm of parts and blueprints and pic packages.

I loved the good old days when you could buy a part from this build and another part from another builder. I don't have the time to post on multiple sites so I'm mainly on FB. It is a shame.


I still check in every day, pretty much, I just don't post very much.

Facebook is fine for keeping in touch with people and sharing photos and random fluff on a day-to-day basis, but it's useless for trying to find anything older than a day I find. Not a patch on a site full of useful searchable info like this one.


I check the forum every day and try to post when I can but it does have a Planet of the Apes abandoned city feel about it. Great shame as this forum is unequalled.


I suppose one reason being its summer time and people have other things to do. I for one have been house decorating which is certainly isn't as much fun as creating a model from nothing. Sites like this one have many members but only a small amount are actually active, perhaps the non-active members need more encouragement to actually post a build.
I visit this site every morning but if there is a topic which, even if I find it interesting, I cannot contribute to in a positive way I just move on-

Can't stand Facebook and other social media hives


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I am not a facebooker
But I took a look
I looked at the Fanderson Forum
For every 4th post the rest was rubbish

Not impressed
Also you time out & have to go back to the beginning
Also Actually believe no one has left
It's just they don't post
Only the moderators to be honest could prove this.


If you you have an Eagle interest.
Todd's Space1999: Props and ships group is very active and the Space 1999 Eagle 44 is another good group.
I find Facebook fine but only for recent and new posts; don't get the same continuity being unable to follow specific topics etc.

Sea Devil

I visit everyday but there isn't much to comment on these days.
Where have the big guns gone, the guys that provide the kits for us mortals.