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Thunderbird 1 (large model & reference)


Hey all,

About two years ago now i lucked out and acquired a rare japanese kit by,"Big model" of Thunderbird One. It really is a big model made of white injected dense foam with a resin skin. It had metal fins,metal cooling fins, brass thruster ring's plus working wing's. It's at my other home I'm moving to so is shall get some pics and size for ya all. I love the size it's really big, but i can tell right away it has shape issues i just can't nail it to what is wrong?
(Pics in profile to come)

Gent's is there any decent views out there to go by that you would use to build a TB1? I was thinking about something Chris Trice talked about long ago about doing overlay in photoshop to see where you need to correct??? Have any of you tried this method and how did it work out?

Any help relating to TB1 would be most appreciated Gent's.
blow up a picture of tb1 same scale as the one you have cut out the center disregard the center use the other as a template llay it on cardboard you will have a perfict template to lay on your tb1 use a marker to check the areas needed to be re done


Dang your good, nice to hear from you too how are ya budd, well heck i never thought of that before? That will work for sure now i just need a decent set of views to work with?
Thanks for your thoughts