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Thunderbird 2

peter taft

Hi guys and gals. Here's my start to the Gary Pilsworth Design of TB-2. The engines are my up-grade to the originals of his design - Gary's are good, but he's a busy guy and makes these designs very quickly and to be worked on and improved by the builder. I am still not sold on the Yellowish colour i used, looks better in real life than on pictures, i may just re-work this area. Lots of fun to go yet. :yes:
PS The Engines {motors} are actually RED and NOT pink as they appear to be in the picture !


  • TB-2 Motors.jpg
    TB-2 Motors.jpg
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Captain Sci-Fi


peter taft

Hi Peter,

Something about the hole pattern looks a bit odd, I'll see if I can find a better reference picture as I am sure it's a three hole repeating pattern.

I checked in the reference section, take a look, might be useful:

For extra details take a look at Martin Bower's TB2 here:

Hope these are useful to you.

Thanks for the link - a mighty fine job being done there. I have been away from this forum for quite a while, health issues :roll: but trying to get back "at it" so to speak. I will see if i can sort some other issues regarding TB-2 asap. Cheers guys.