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Thunderbird 3 29 inch


Forum Supporter
Finished thunderbird 3 scratchbuild 29 inch


  • tb3 2.jpg
    tb3 2.jpg
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  • tb 3 1.jpg
    tb 3 1.jpg
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  • tb3 3.jpg
    tb3 3.jpg
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Three to See!!!

Ben, you've done it yet again - three-times gorgeous! :E: :E: :E:

(And, given that the holidays are all but upon us, just the right color for :santa: too, come Christmas Eve...)
Reach for the stars.....

....and you're up there already Ben. Utterly beautiful and so convincing, she's an absolutely gorgeous addition to your growing hangar of Thunderbirds craft. Well done, and all credit to the photographer / compositor also - perfect shots.

Thanks for posting them Ben,

Kindest regards