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Thunderbird 3 - at last


I just finished my Aoshima 'Thunderbird 3'. I've waited forty years to have an accurate model of TB3, and I am so happy with this kit! Thank You Aoshima.
I built this virtually straight from the box. That said, I did fill the pretty deep and soft recessed panel lines. I added a couple of panels with thin sellotape cut in rectangles and painted. Just enough to give it some relief. Other panels are drawn on in pencil, or suggested with weathering.
The grooves on the docking ring looked a little deep to me, so I filled them in a bit - wrapping thin trim tape around it and painting.
The color looks spot on (to me) in the flesh, but looks a bit hot in these pictures. It's brush painted and weatherhed with Humbrol enamels. The main body is a custom mix of orange, red and brown.
I added assorted letraset transfers of random white and black lettering and other miscellaneous markings. I made my own decal for the unusual 'black 3' half way up. View attachment 14212

View attachment 14213

View attachment 14214

Thunderbird 3.jpg

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View attachment 14217

Thunderbird 3 b.jpg

Thunderbird 3 c.jpg

View attachment 14213

View attachment 14214


Looks like you've had trouble with attachments! The pictures I can see look great however, although a bit on the small side...
Congratulations, forty years on.....

I love a story like this - I'm delighted that you're delighted. That's what this modelling game is all about, ultimately. Feel free to post any close-up shots of your handiwork,

Kindest regards

Wonderful build! I like your idea for adding the subtle raised panels using tape...

@mysteronagent: The kit is 1/350 scale, comes out to be about 9-10 inches.


Thanks for the feedback. I heard about the sellotape, or scotch-tape idea for subtle raised panels from an interview with Brian Johnson. I have attached some close ups as requested. I know my model work is not in the same class as the other stuff on this sight, but I just find this super fun.


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I like it very much......

That's just great! I've got some raised panels of my own, very subtle and they look good, even under the primer. They help to give the whole thing more depth and a sense of realism, that it's not just "out of the factory". Your photos look good - thanks for posting.

Kindest regards