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Thunderbird Three new kit - 3d resin parts

Captain Sci-Fi

Staff member
Hello All,
What did you do during lockdown?
I decided to crack the black magic of 3D modelling software and printing technologies. This Thunderbird Three model is a replica of the 26" studio miniature and was based on a model project I acquired from the talent of Bob Smith (one half of AB Models). Apart from the resin 3d printed parts the body sections are cut Acrylic tube with Aluminium tubes to detail parts in the engines. I have spent a year learning the basics of Fusion 360 and the techniques for printing parts in the messy, smelly Anycubic Mono X resin based printing system. The results are stunning and I am so pleased to have made the effort. I am offering this model as a kit so you can build your very own. if you would like to make enquiries to buy one simply email

I have made a set of vinyl lettering for the hull and a set of paint masks if you would rather paint the lettering onto the model. There are wiring holes in the lower engine pylons should you wish to add LED into the engine exhausts. Each part of this kit will be spares backed and available to buy separately as a replacement in case of mishaps. I hope you like it! - Bernie


  • TB3 Docking collar.png
    TB3 Docking collar.png
    60.6 KB · Views: 3
  • TB3 engine assembly.png
    TB3 engine assembly.png
    48.1 KB · Views: 3
  • TB3 Engine cap alignment.png
    TB3 Engine cap alignment.png
    46.3 KB · Views: 3
  • TB3 First and second stage assembly.png
    TB3 First and second stage assembly.png
    41.2 KB · Views: 4
  • TB3 Fuselage first stage.png
    TB3 Fuselage first stage.png
    39.1 KB · Views: 4
  • TB3 Fuselage section second stage.png
    TB3 Fuselage section second stage.png
    18.2 KB · Views: 4
  • TB3 Lower Pressure hull V4.png
    TB3 Lower Pressure hull V4.png
    113.4 KB · Views: 3
  • TB3 Hole alignment.png
    TB3 Hole alignment.png
    67.7 KB · Views: 3
  • TB3 Nosecone and docking collar brim.png
    TB3 Nosecone and docking collar brim.png
    25 KB · Views: 3
  • TB3 Third stage assembly.png
    TB3 Third stage assembly.png
    47 KB · Views: 3

Captain Sci-Fi

Staff member
Here are images of the resin and acrylic kit parts, I just need to add the metal components and print the instructions. Interestingly the parts seem to change colour in different lighting conditions but they are closer to the first desktop image and not blue at all. A couple of people have asked about the details seen on the largest model made for silo shots used in the movies. If there is enough interest I will make an enhancement kit available of tubes and nozzles etc at a later date.

I am currently building a Thunderbird One model at 610mm (24"), if you are a thunderbirds fan watch this space.


  • TB3 All the resin and acrylic parts..jpg
    TB3 All the resin and acrylic parts..jpg
    2.1 MB · Views: 13
  • TB3 kit in a box.jpg
    TB3 kit in a box.jpg
    552.5 KB · Views: 15
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Hi Bernie,

Ohhhh - Top work!

I've been planning to attempt to scratchbuild a 1/144 TB3 to match a number of my other TB models all in the same scale. To that end, I've accrued a drawer full of acrylic tubes in various diameters & several other bits 'n bobs including pound shop champagne flutes for the nose cone.

Very tempted to just forget that idea & go for this baby now! I do like your approach of recreating the model to the same dimensions of a studio original ... proper studio scale!

On a related note - is the 3D printing easy to rescale? I have long wanted a TB1 the same size as the TV series launch model - my favourite version . I even got my hands on a couple of super snoopers a few years ago for building the launch bay. Something in the order of 405-410mm I believe.