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Thunderbirds 1 to 5


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Ok guys, here we go, a big thanks to Portland182 for helping find some of these, these are released here for members to freely use, we thank the original designers as named in their documents.

Some don't have instructions, If you attempt a build, please document your steps as this may help to build a basic instruction sheet for other members.

Enjoy, I look forward to seeing build threads on these



  • TB1.pdf
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  • TB2PODrevision1.pdf
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  • TB2POD_instruction.pdf
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  • MOLE-RV_instruction.pdf
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peter taft

The TB-2 with separate pod is really nice, and can easily be up-scaled. I am currently building this model, i will post some pictures when she's complete. In the meantime, here's TB-1 from your list - normal scale, then up-scaled. The wingroots on the up-scaled model are carved ones for a better look and better profile.


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