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Thunderbirds Advert List

I thought it might be an idea to have a list with links of Thunderbird Advertising. It's interesting to see what other creative teams can (and can't) do.
Please post any you find, and better quality if you find them...


DVLA 2001

Halifax 2017

Halifax 2017 Making of

Swintons 1990

Jet 1995

Specsavers 2008

Specsavers 2008 Making of

Exchange and Mart 1987


Zoom /Kelloggs Sugar Smacks /Sea Jet / Fab compilation 1960's

SMC 1980's

Drench 2008

Drench 2008 Making of

Video Game 2001

Kit Kat 1993
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Toys R Us 2006

Vivid Imaginations 1992

Pizza Hut 1993

Sugar Puffs - live action film with Barry Gray music 2004

Compilation Adverts 1960's

Captain Scarlet Pizza Hut 1993

Stingray Pizza Hut 1993

Captain Scarlet Sugar Smacks 1960's
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BBC Four Thunderbirds Night 2008

Frosties 1994

KFC 2000

Joe 90 / Vic Reeves - BBC 2 90's Night 2014

Joe 90 / Oasis - BBC 2 90's Night 2014

Joe 90 / Waynes World - BBC 2 90's Night 2014

Daily Mirror 1993

Sugar Smacks 1966 - better quality

Halifax 2017 Saving Tip 1

Halifax 2017 Saving Tip 2

Halifax 2017 Saving Tip 3

Halifax 2017 Saving Tip 4

Halifax 2017 Saving Tip 5

Halifax 2017 'Blooper 1'

Halifax 2017 'Blooper 2'
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Does anyone else remember the ad / promo with Penny and Parker from the early 1990s to promote the new Bentley Contininental Coupe was about 10 mins long on channel 4, I remember one funny line about nobbliest knees
Not an advert but the BBC did a Hindi dub in several 5 minute long episodes

Orbitz 2003 USA - probably Team America World Police influenced

Orbitz 2003 USA

Drench 2008 short version

Visa Zed 2001

Halifax 2017 Making of - different to the one in post 1 - The Mill CGI

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Dick Spanner style

Dick Spanner style

Dick Spanner style

Jif Desert Toppings 1977

Stingray Weetabix 1993

New Captain Scarlet Bandai 2005

New Captain Scarlet Bandai 2005

40th Anniversary Soundtec toys / Toys R Us 2005

Thunderbirds Are Go CGI Toys 2015

Tesco 2012

Vivid Imaginations Supersize Soundtec 2001

Matchbox 1993 Foam of Terror
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