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Thunderbirds Are Go (1966 movie)


I am a huge fan of the Anderson shows, and 'Thunderbirds' in particular.
I was not old enough to have seen it on the original run in 1965, but remember it from as far back as I can remember from repeats in the early 1970s'.

I must say though, that I am not a fan of the two Feature Films from the 60s' (or any of the following incarnations, but that is another story....).
But I go back to 'Thunderbirds Are Go' and 'Thunderbird 6' from time to time to try and like them.
One of the basic criticisms of 'Thunderbirds Are Go' is that it feels like an overlong episode. As a fun personal exercise I wanted to see if the film could be cut down to 50 minutes and feel more like an episode.
To this end I have made such an edit - with limited resources - with new music cues and many other adjustments to maximise the potential of the 'Zero-X' story within the episode format.

Anyway, it's a personal take. I would be interested in any feedback.

youtube - search for 'tbzx
or follow this link.[/URL]


I remember going to the cinema in the sixties to see this film and thought it was fantastic. To see Thunderbirds on the big screen and in colour was incredible for my ten year old mind. I have to say I think I was the only person in the cinema on all my repeated visits.
I think the film was teamed up with Tarka the Otter which I hated.
I have to say I didn't think it was overlong in fact I thought it was too short as Thunderbirds was and is my favourite programme.
Never had a chance to see it in the theaters- wish I did.
The Frakes film was the first time I ever saw the Thuinderbirds on a big screen and while that was neat the film spent far too much time following those kids around istead of showing hardware

I would have really loved to see the classic vehicles fill the screen in a theater!


First time I watched it was on ITV in the 70's. Was blown away. Had only really been exposed to Thunderbirds by my older brothers' annuals and toys, so to see it 'for real' was unforgettable.
Used to trawl the TV Times for any chance of it being repeated. Sadly I never saw it again until many years later, when it was released on VHS.
Did happen upon Thunderbird Six occasionally on TV in the 70's, which was almost as much fun.


Another thing I've remembered the last time I saw both films in the cinema was in Glasgow late 70's on a Sunday. They showed both films and it was fantastic to see them again as they were meant to be seen. I love the sequence from the second film when TB2 lands in a field to unload the gypsy moth, great stuff.