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Thunderbirds Artwork.

TB-3 under construction is my favorite!
Not only do the underlying structures look perfect, you get a feel of the energy and mass involved in building one of these craft...


Thanks guys :) Here are a few more from a while back.

From new Captain Scarlet:



You probably get an awful lot of 'wows' but it's hard to know what else to say! You have the knack of capturing the awesomeness of it all in your scenes.

Would love to see a UFO interceptor in deep maintenance below the surface of the moon, or a dry docked Skydiver.... :yes:



And one more today :)

The "comfortably-cluttered" look of genius at work - love it! :idea:

Cute little details, too: the "scale models" on the table, and a cool logo for the Tracy combine... :builder:

Leaves you with the feeling that (almost) everyone's just stepped out for a moment (or something more, perhaps?)... :cheers:
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