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Thunderbirds Atlantic world navy carrier scratchbuild

Lookin good so far! How much more time do you think it will take to get it past the clean-up stages and apply the final paint scheme? Not sure what primer you are using but it looks like it could do with a good rub down with some fine grit and then respraying in certain areas (it may just be the lighting in the pics).

Good question, its all a case of aesthetics, the thing is with this build a lot of people think scratch building in general is like a kit ,you assemble fill sand prime and paint, not so! ,im not referring to you by the way.
But generally from experience , every build can have a different approach.

like some scenic painters the priority is background hills and sky then its up to the individual to decide to paint the tree ,house, grass etc in what ever order gives them the feeling of it coming together as a whole ,in this case the hull and deck is primary ,then work on whatever parts give a feeling of it resembling to look as close to the screen model as possible ,this is not a Ferrari with a clean perfect paint job or i would approach it differently, in this case there are no measurements or original model to work from , a lot of people avoid builds like this due to being held back by the "perfection factor "
,trying to follow a process as you have kind of indicated in your comments ,and getting stifled .
Because every reference is different for this build, the closeup large scale deck model is highly detailed but the small distance model has completely different features and the best whole ship ref is Graham Bleathams cross section painting but that has major flaws as its a twin hull on screen not single as in his painting also deck detail is different from the two models on screen but it still provides likely detail that cant be seen.

Why am i raving on ? ....

Well as i said you build a model like this best you can making changes as you go adding an overall paint job on various sections as you go ,its very hard to see how it will look finished with balsa ,plastic ,junk ,hence the approach of paint and build and paint and build again is the best way to see if your going in the right direction, think of it as a hundred workers on a real ship doing different parts individually painting as they go, except on real ships they are doing it to plans ,that's still the similar process i follow.

There will be filling in edges and cracks when close to finish then final brush paint and weathering, the weathering will be deck skid marks and grease, burn marks ,superstructure salt stains and rust , vertical dirt stains,some panel lines etc ,and THAT is the trick to hiding any defects on a detailed ship like this due to its small scale, typical Anderson style.
If it was twice the size it would be easier, so watch as i go, anyone who would approach a model like this another way ,good luck.
Thanks for reading my novel .:D

Check out the differences if you have a keen eye , i have added extra detail to mine just because on this one there's no right or wrong , i wouldn't be surprised if some of the blocky detail on the smaller distance model is modified lego commonly used by Meddings team.

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Slate Mcleod

Thanks Scampoodle, that was a great insight in to your work. I can't wait to see how you progress this. Best of luck, it's nice to see someone tackling the more unusual Anderson subjects.