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Thunderbirds Blu Ray


I don't know if this is in the correct heading if not please forgive.
I recently bought the German Thunderbirds Blu Ray and I have to say I'm really pleased with them.
Back in 2000 I bought the first dvd box set of Thunderbirds and it served me well over the years but remastering has improved in leaps and bounds so I decided to upgrade. I would have liked the US version but I would have to buy a multi region player so I opted for the German version.
The quality is amazing though there are no extras (not bothered about that) and the front of the case is in english but the back and internal booklet are in german though the english episode titles are included.
Plus the format is 4:3 and appears to have none of those added sound effects, the sound is 2 channel.
I did show this on my cinema screen which is approx 90 inches and its amazing the extra details that are visible plus it also shows how crude somethings actually were.
All in all I thoroughly recommend this set.