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Thunderbirds Countdown.







Not sure why they are coming up as different sizes, but ah well.

Captain Sci-Fi

Hi Chris,

Holy Moley...!

That would make a great poster, this is some of the best work I have ever seen you do, love the nose texture on TB3... :D


Forum Supporter
Gotta agree! These are superb images, I love the TB2 pic because of the use of the pod underside hatch, and the TB5 looks great at that angle.
Wonderful work sir!


These are Superb! Agree they'd look great as Posters,or atleast as Banners for Thunderbirds Fans! Dan

Fun Pod

These have the effect of making one yearn for someone to take another crack at a 'canon' Thunderbirds movie. Great stuff, Chris! :thumbup:


Hard to find words to add to those already said here. :clap: I mean, just - WOW!!!!!

:O That lead-off image of TB5 alone, just blew me away - elegant, even serene...

Don't worry a bit about the relative scale. You've managed to showcase each of the IR fleet doing what they do best! :yes:

:?: One shoe left undropped, however...what image, for that classic tag-line?

(And, let's hope that, somewhere, the 2015 folks are taking serious notes - gonna be a quiz! ;))


Yet again, chancing upon this thread, the ETF comes up with another gem. For those of you old enough but young enough at heart, the artwork in TV21 for Thunderbirds the comic strip was some of the most elegant, dynamic and beautiful work I've ever seen. I still marvel (oops, bad choice of phrase) at it today.

The artwork you've produced takes me back all those years but, simultaneously, brings the famous five right up to future date. You have done a fantastic job and, in common with boatshewsd2, I really hope the makers of the 2015 show are looking in. They simply don't have to "reimagine" the craft - with the right artist, they're timeless, and you've just proved that.

Thank you for posting your hard work - the results really are F.A.B.

Kindest regards