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Thunderbirds - Fan Edit of the 'original' 25 minute version Day Of Disaster


Intrigued by the stories of the 'first 9 epsiodes that were originally completed as 30 minutes' I decided to actually sit down and visualize what one of these episodes might have looked like.
So using the DVD as source material and editing in Adobe Premier I have made my own interpretation of 'Day of Disaster' as it MAY have been in its original '30 minute format'.

Here is the link to youtube;

If this link does not work you can search for Youtube for 'Thundrbirds Special Day Of Disaster 30 Minute Fan version'.

I have not posted in this particular forum before so I hope this is appropriate.

I'd be happy to hear your thoughts eirther on this site, or on Youtube.


Well it turns out that the Hood, disguised as a lawyer from ITC, but still driving his trusty little dry-cleaning van, stepped in and the video was been blocked and has now been removed. Sorry folks.


It's the thought that counts, my friend - given the opportunity, I'm sure we would've enjoyed it! :(


Fans appreciate, and respect, the original material, yes? Yes! :yes: