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Thunderbirds - The Imposters


Today, whilst at work and having a laugh with my colleagues, I called one of them a dillon, which I've always assumed was something similar to an idiot, and a word I've often used. Because I'm in my 50's and most of the others in their 30's, I sometimes use phrases and words they don't know, and today when I said dillon, they asked me to explain its origins ... I went on to the internet to look up the urban definition, and I couldn't seem to locate it ... one of my colleagues said had I ever heard it used before, and suddenly Jeremiah Tuttle from The Imposters popped into my head - I was sure when he was in his car with Ma to meet Lady Penelope, he tried to overtake this hooray henry in his sportscar - I was sure his line of dialogue as he toots his horn at him was "What's the matter with this dillon?". I couldn't find a clip straight away but I did find a transcript of the episode, and in that it says he says "Whats the matter with this fella?". Then I found the episode on dailymotion, and I played that bit and to me it sounds like it could be both! But it made me laugh this word I been using for 30+ years as an insult could well be me mis-hearing Jeremiah Tuttle! So if there is any older UK members out there, i'd love to know if you've heard the word "dillon" (could be spelt "dylan" I suppose) in the past, as a meaning for idiot, or is it just me!? :cry:

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