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Tiger Joe Tank Body Panel Pics

Captain Sci-Fi

Hi Rab,

That's very generous of you, I'll take a turret and a set of figures if you have any? I am happy to make a contribution and cover the postage.


Big Rab

Forum Supporter
I will dig out a turret today for you Bernie. I think I have three to choose from.
(It is the large main bodies that take up all the loft space)

I am not sure about the figures though, I did make some resin copies a while ago, but the moulds were re used for my RAMCAT project.

The bad news is that I think I gave the last figure away, for a Sky1 project, last year :think:

I will have a look and see what i have, let you know and get it all in the post for you on Monday morning.


Wheels & Tracks

Hi Interceptor 6,

Any Topper Joe tracks & wheels in yer loft?:D

Here in Engerland I'm desperate for a set for my Mobile build!



Big Rab

Forum Supporter
Sorry Steve, the tracks I have are both marked for future projects.

Obviously you will get one on eBay soon, although the shipping costs to the UK can sometimes be more than the initial cost of the tank.