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Tiny Snowspeeder


I bought this excellent little Snowspeeder from Reto SF ages ago but only started it the other day. Anyway I didn't want to do a straight from box build (hardly ever do) so I drilled out the guns for optic fibres. It was a slow and steady job but I managed to hollow out all the components of the guns even some of the tiny detail. I've swapped the barrels themselves for 2mm aluminum tubing. there's a tiny led imbedded in the engine block ready for illumination.
Here's the pics of work so far and one to show just how small this tiny miracle is.



I've done a bit more on this project now, but with the tiny dimensions and tiny wires keep needing to be re-soldered it's proving to be a right pain in the ass.
There's some light leakage but I'll deal with that later, anyway here's some pics.