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'Tomorrow People' models


Chief Eagle Pilot
found this


Fun Pod

Flip flop

Wait a minute, wouldn't the photo correction now mean your wedding ring is on your right hand? :?


Chief Eagle Pilot
found this original design sketch...musta taken all of 5 mins to produce this!


here we go


Captain Sci-Fi

Polly looked cute even then Phil.. :yes:

I love this Moon Base design, the small touches like a raised platform turn it from a box with bits to a cool looking model. Genius. :D


That's more like it! I was trying to make out the text on the Humbrol tinlet! :lol:

Good grief, do you have Bionic eyes...:O

It always amazes me, that when you know how to build, just how amazing the human imagination came be when it's brought to life through modelling...:thumbup:


Chief Eagle Pilot
i've a closer look at war of the empires and there's an interesting scene at about 13 mins into the first installment showing 2 astronauts inside their has an anderson connection! unfortunately i don't know how to do screengrabs

well...i do now. anyone see the anderson connection?



Is the pilot on the left wearing the mouse from the Mighty Atom episode from Thunderbirds...on his head? :lol:


Cheap Tomorrow People 'jaunting belt' prop made from some leftover pieces of acrylic number plate and a strip of leatherette. Total cost - nothing!

It's very difficult to find a good screengrab of the originals, so if anyone has one, please post.