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Torchwood: Children of Earth


I'm surprised no one has mentioned this (so far as I have seen at least), since it has been debuting this week on the BBC. I just finished watching the fourth of the five episodes and I have to say this 'mini' series has been really good/enjoyable.
I've missed it this week with being on holiday. However it is released here in the UK next week I think on DVD and Bluray. So I'll catch it then. I hope its well received as there's been no announcement yet of another series.

Just checked and they have it available to buy now!! I also just noticed that a soundtrack CD for Children of Earth is being released on 27th July. Excellent!!!!!


Sage the Owl

Really enjoying it, its good seeing more of the characters back stories & private lives, paticularly Jack's.
I just hope that the finale tonight isnt going to be a damp squid (thats not a typo ... those who have seen it will know what I mean ):lol:

Steve D

I watched all five today, great series, funny (in a non pc way) but also quite sad. Well worth a watch. Also available on BBC I Player.


Don't want to spoil it for anyone, but there is no way Britain could recover from the events that came about in the series.
There would be riots in the streets.

I enjoyed the mini series.....just don't think about it too hard.
Or it will fall apart.


Forum Supporter
l enjoyed it, l am no fan of TW, never liked it but thought this 5 parter raised great issues, especially the governments decision on who'd be culled on day 4.

The monsters' monster- a blackmailed child catcher from Chitty, Chitty in mass proportions was my feeling.

l've see all the parts before in movies and writing, but like Frankenstein RTD seemed to put together a nice little monster in Torchwood - Children of Earth.... Read More... Read More

l got the feeling this was TWs dying 'Swan song' to a past series that failed in my eyes. Lets hope its left on its high note.


I thought the mini series was pretty good , derivative yes , VERY 70's "Quatermass/A -for Andromeda " , but that's not a bad thing .Started off bleak and got grimmer and grimmer . They should have taken this approach from the start , as I don't think Torchwood ever really worked .:thumbup:
Caught the entire series last week and frankly found it to be absolutely five of the best hours of television this year. Rivals even the LOST season finale and BSG finale. Definitely five of the best hours of Doctor Who (even without the Doctor showing up though he is mentioned, and profoundly and chillingly in Day 5) ever... I just hope the events of CoE somehow work their way in and have resonance in David Tennet's final story this Christmas.

Sage the Owl

I'm deliberatly avoiding reading anything about 'Who' at the moment to avoid any spoilers but i'm guessing that the reason for Jacks decision at the end of day 5 is to tie in in some way with the Doc's regeneration story, but I could be wrong.
I really hope that this isnt the last we see of Torchwood as at its best it knocks spots of anything else on the TV although quite where they will take it I dont know as the events of the mini throw everything into the air story wise.
I thought it was a considerable improvement on the normal Torchwood, though it did feel very like Quatermass, the 80'S John Mills version where an alien light farmed people for chemicals at specific sites. Similar, very downbeat ending but it did work very well with some of the more current newsworthy issues.
The puking calamari had a point though. It was (in theory) a great way to reduce youth unemployment, deal with the problem of hoodies and to help slow down the growth in the world population! So there was an upside to the genocide !
The whole government cabinet could have had T-shirts printed up with the slogan " GIVE YOUR KID TO THE SQUID!" for a Children in Need special to promote it though rather than use the Army,who in truth would have rebelled against such orders.
But then Captain Jack had to save the world. Is he a gay Captain Scarlet or what?I don't really know or care but I am glad he's gone for a while. And I guess he won't be getting any Fathersday cards any century soon for what he did. And the moral of the story was I suppose "Never be family or friends with an immortal without good health insurance.Or a gun. "


Surely if he's immortal then the the gun wouldn't be a lot of help....

Sorry for calling you shirley............

SPACE 1899

I watched the whole lot on BBC iplayer last weekend and I have to admit that this was really great sci-fi TV.

As a father myself, the scene that really moved me was the council estate dads fighting with the army in an attempt to save their kids - very very moving indeed.

On a lighter note, at one point in the story in seemed like Iantou was trying to uncement the relationship with Jack :lol:

Dr Kane

While I strongly disliked what I saw of early 'Torchwood', the unanimously positive reviews of 'C of E' make me want to check it out. Do I need to know what happened in previous seasons, or does it pretty much stand alone?
The gun is for all the trouble an immortal attracts to themselves. If you can't be killed you really don't care how much trouble you get into,and how much of it is walked back home into the carpet. Life is very boring because basically you have so much of it and therefore you seek dangerous activites to releave the tedium.
So if an immortal says, " Do you fancy a weekend hunting lions with a penknife or a swim with the sharks ", treat the invitation with due caution !
C of E was very good. Extremely silly ( how can a human body survive in an atmosphere that is biologically the equivallent of bathing in cyanide? If the aliens wanted kids, why not breed them from the original kidnapped dozen ? Or just nick some more human beings and farm them? (Or clone them? ) The funniest bit was when they rescued Jack in a 3 ton concrete block and escaped on a fork lift truck loader! And none of the soldiers was fit enough to even jog after them at about three miles an hour?
Torchwood was pantomine sci-fi plus! If it had been as dark as this then I would have watched it more often but it was just too daft for me to like. I like my sci fi totally comic, like Hitchhikers or red Dwarf or quite serious. Not written like it was a west end stage play. I was suprised nobody actually burst out into song during the series though there was dancing.
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Don't really understand all the negative comments about Torchwood. Firstly, it's a drama and a sci fi/fantasy drama at that, so shouldn't be taken too seriously in the first place. Secondly over three series there has been some really good writing and acting from all those involved. Thirdly the producers have not been afraid to develope and even kill off major characters and how many other serials have done that. Finally Children of the Earth had some major political statements to make as to how far governments are prepared to go in order to maintain their power base. Yes O.K. the basic premise of aleins requiring earth children for a food source was rubbish but my god over five programmes the writers and producers gave us some shocking moments. I personally don't see how Torchwood can continue. Not wishing to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it I won't go into plot details but those who have watched it will know what I mean when I say how can things ever be the same again for any of the Torchwood members.


While I strongly disliked what I saw of early 'Torchwood', the unanimously positive reviews of 'C of E' make me want to check it out. Do I need to know what happened in previous seasons, or does it pretty much stand alone?
It pretty much stands alone.