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Tracy Island


I call this 'the ultimate build" and it's far from ready yet.
It's a 1/500 scale "cutaway"diorama of Tracy Island.
So, TB1 is no bigger than 5cm....
The only items bought are the vehicles. The rest is scratchbuild and sparebox stuff. Some items ( like spare pods, boats, TB4 and a plane were printed by Luc Benheim ( Printle shop, Shapeways who always helps me out for a few dollar )
It will be 90x45 cm in total.
If you want to see more (or follow) the build just visit my homepage


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Everybody In The Pool!

Wow. What attention to detail - including the Villa, the pool and landscaping, as well as "what lies beneath"...

Looking forward to future updates! :clap:


Done. In the coming week I will post more pictures on my website.
This was a fun job. Whole dio is 45x90x50 so rather big....
Vehicles are the only bought items. Rest is scratchbuild. question remaines...what am I going to do with it.....


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