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Tron: Legacy

This looks like it will actually be a decent sequel. The computer system from the original film has been isolated for 25 years, during which time it has evolved on its own. The little I have heard and seen of it does seem to indicate it holds the original film in high regard, whilst at the same time giving it a modern facelift.

This is the new 2 person vehicle.

The solar sailer, now a cargo train

And the new lightcycle

Although it seems this will also appear

The trailer is good, but embedding is disabled on all copies I have found. You can see it at [ame][/ame]

If they can take such care of Tron, it gives me renewed hope that they can take the same care over any proposed UFO movie too!
I really liked Tron when it came out, despite the really daft dematerializing lazer idea to get him inside to start with. I thought the lightcycles were brilliant.
I have to say the trailer looks very interesting. I think the actor who gets iced is the guy from the last two Matrix films who got taken over by Agent Smith , though I'm not certain.
As always, I'm still waiting for Avatar to knock my socks off with 3D. Only a couple of weeks to go now. The hardware looks satisfyingly like a continuation of the Aliens universe, though I've yet to see who the concept designers are . Alsdo nice to see "Moon" got a couple of awards for best British film and new director. Thats "Moon" as in Duncan Jones not "New Moon "as in hordes of rampant, hormonally over charged ,screaming teenage girls.


Thats "Moon" as in Duncan Jones not "New Moon "as in hordes of rampant, hormonally over charged ,screaming teenage girls.
It's not just teens... I know some 40+ year old women who are just as obsessed about that film.