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UFO and Doppelganger

Just finished watching Doppelganger (Journey to the Far Side of the Sun) again. First saw it at a drive-in theatre with my family when I was a kid. I think it was the second feature after one of the Airport movies.

Surprised how many of the actors in the movie ended up in UFO. Noticed three "Straker cars" in one scene, I remember two in UFO. Wonder what happened to the third.

Decent special effects in the Thunderbirds style, although there was one scene where the lifting body took off vertically despite the complete absence of any vertical thrusters on the underside of the fuselage.

The Barry Gray score was so similar to Space: 1999's first season that at times I was expecting a couple of Eagles to fly across the screen. They appeared to use the same fonts in the movie for the 1999 titles as well.

Found the movie slow paced. Story premise had potential but could have been better developed. Anyone see it?

I think I saw it a long time ago on TV during a summer holiday when it was among a number of older (thus cheap to get broadcast rights for) films shown. It was too long ago to have been able to make the connections with UFO though. I remember rather enjoying it.


I first saw 'Doppelganger' in the cinema at time of release and loved it though if I remember correctly I got a bit confused with the mirror image stuff in places but I was only knee high to grasshopper at the time. Looking at it today I still like it especially the fabulous destruction at the end. You can't have an Anderson production without explosions aka 'Thunderbird 6'