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UFO in flight sound effect


Its been awhile since I wrote on this forum.
Anyway, I didn't buy the Fanderson UFO 40th Anniversary Album, and the last issue of FAB stated there are no plans to release one for the series' 50th.

For those who did buy the 40th Anniversary album, there is a track of the sound effect of the UFO in flight. Is it the same one that is on the UFO Series website? Http://

That is one track I wish was on the original release of the series soundtrack (which I did purchase). No doubt it would be of higher quality.

Thank you.
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The one on the website was ripped from the DVD soundtrack.
I have the soundtrack CD version and can confirm it is longer in duration, but not appreciably better quality.


Thank you for answering my question. After doing some research, UFO episodes SURVIVAL and A QUESTION OF PRIORITIES had the longest tracks of the sound effects of a UFO in flight (without music). I found someone at uploaded them as MP4 files. I downloaded the episodes and using Quicktime, extracted the audio. After some editing, I now have AAC audio files of a UFO flying.

Having very sensitive hearing, the audio file sounds very tinny on the UFO website because it is a MP3 at 64 kbps.
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