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UFO Interceptor Launch Pad


Got a question from a friend of mine.
He's currently building a kit of the interceptor (dunno the make, it appears slightly smaller than the Dinky. Maybe UNCL?) and wants to make a Launch Pad to display it on.
He's got plenty of reference shots but he was wondering if anyone knows specific kit parts used?
I told him how in-depth you guys got with the Probe here so he's hoping you might do likewise on this bit of hardware?
Well those 3 big pieces on the edge are from the Adams/UPC/Lifelike Tillie The Toiler kit. Between them looks like tank track - I know the Airfix Panther was used on another vehicle so just a guess because I haven't checked yet but it could be from that.


The tracks between the Tillie The Toiler plates are from the Adams/UPC/Lifelike Long Tom.
The dark grey plate above the missile nose-cone is from the 1/110th scale 'Everything is Go' Revell Atlas. Above that is the Adams/UPC/Lifelike Honest John cab floor, as used at the rear of the Mobile.
The smaller plate to the left of the big Atlas piece is the chassis/baseplate from a 1/72nd Land Rover. That and the plate on the dark rectangle under the missile are from the Airfix Bristol Bloodhound.


Chief Eagle Pilot
Sorry but is it me being a bit daft here - but whats the point of knowing or getting the kit bits when the replica launch bay is going to be built at a much smaller scale? :think:


Well, my friend knows that if he built the pad using the parts mentioned above it'd be too big for his Interceptor but he asked me to ask because (a) he's curious and (B) by finding things out, like for instance its tank treads used between the plates, he might be able to find something similar in a smaller scale.
Thanks for the info chaps - i'll pass it on.


Mark42 said:
Sorry but is it me being a bit daft here - but whats the point of knowing or getting the kit bits when the replica launch bay is going to be built at a much smaller scale? :think:

This is an excellent question. I myself wondered why I bothered to analyze the kit parts on a certain Lucasfilm production FX miniature. I had no intention of building a studio scale replica which would have been around 6' long. But one of the things I discovered was that comparing that original kit list to kits available today, was that a majority of them have counterparts at approximately 1/2 scale (e.g. 1/35 to 1/72). Interestingly enough, I found a bunch of kits that were 1/3 the scale, e.g. 1/35 to 1/144.

And like the Interceptor launch pad, a bunch of those original kits can't have smaller counterparts, being box scale and/or one-off subjects, like the Aurora Sea-Lab kit. And at one point, I contemplated a variety of extreme solutions, like having custom photo-etch replicas made. But after looking at the originals, albeit many of them at I've concluded that on a smaller scale replica, you'll need a magnifying lens just to see some of these parts, let alone figure out that its not the original hand rail from the Sea-lab kit. My gradually declining & aging eyesight has actually widened my modeling options.

Finally, knowning what the original is/was greatly helps in producing a reasonable replica. Until I spotted the steam engine boiler door at studioscale, I didn't really know what that was on the back of the X-wing. So for those of us that care, or are uncertain what they're looking at, knowing what's there, same scale or not, can help.