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UFO: Interceptor


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Here you go, unfortunately don't have any instructions for this so if you have any please post.


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UFO Interceptor, very soon

Hello, guys.
I used to enjoy building paper models and stumbled across the designer extraordinaire known as “uhu02.” Beautiful work. But I digress…..his latest project is the UFO Interceptor! On his site, he is designing the model and I am sure the patterns will be soon available. I can only imagine what it will look like when completed.
Sorry, but I did not include a link to his website. I had heard that he has had some trouble about this in the past. Just Google it, and you will find it.

Scott K

Uhu02 just finished an extremely detailed T.I.E. Interceptor, and is doing the UFO Interceptor now as a tribute to Gerry Anderson. At the rate hes going, it should be done soon. As Sky1Driver said, just search for "uhu02", and you'll find his site. I'd also recommend running it through a translator, as well.

Scott K.


UFO Interceptor done

Uhu02 has completed his paper model of the UFO Interceptor. A word of warning, this will be a project not for beginners. If you plan to build it, I suggest you download the patterns ASAP. He usually has them available for download for a couple of weeks, and then takes them down. His next project is the X-Wing fighter.