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UFO Interceptor

Jade Falcon

I've been lucky enough to get the Imai UFO Interceptor and my question is what would you say the base colour of the Interceptor is. While sometimes it looks white, I think it would be too stark. I'm tempted to undercoat it with grey and give it a light coat of white or a very light grey.

Also, is there any way of changing the cockpit, the way the figure is 'built in' to the plastic is a bit unfortunate.


I'd have to agree... it's white but can obviously be given some depth with detailing and weathering- and accurate decals!


Jade Falcon

I'd like to replace the pilot, it's one of those horrendous 'torso moulded into a flat piece of plastic' jobs, but there doesn't seem to be much help for it


Making a new cockpit

Actually, it's a simple rebuild.
Using the original cockpit piece, trace the rear bulkhead and floor outlines onto suitable thicknesses of sheet plastic/cardstock. The rear bulkhead is then detailed with whatever greeblies/bits to match the set piece from the series. Using the floor, you then cut out an opening for the new seat and pilot (which can be either scratchbuilt or gotten from a close enough kit). Sidewalls and a floor for the new cockpit tub are then put into place around the cutout. After the new seat and pilot are painted, these are then glued into the cockpit tub. Depending on how accurate you want the new cockpit area will of course determine how long the replacement takes to construct.