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UFO Lunar Tank Rocket Launcher Parts

Hello folks,

Anyone care to try and guess what parts went into making the UFO Lunar Tank Rocket Launcher? Apart from the Tiger Joe wheels/treads I will post some pictures of my guesswork so far. All pictures are screencaps from the Carlton DVD’s apart of course of the photos of parts I have laid out roughly as seen on the vehicle.

If anyone has an actual proper photo or two please can I have copies to see that little bit more extra detail.

Parts I think have been used come from the following kits.

Airfix 1/72 Panther
Revell Gemini 1/48 (wrong in picture as shows 1/24 bits)
Revell Atlas (not absolutely certain)
Lifelike Honest John
Lifelike Tillie the Toiler
Tamiya 1/21 Long Tom
Airfix Superfortress

Here is the front.

Hopefully helpfully,
Here’s the left side. The rocket firing glare highlights the parts in a different way too see the detail slightly differently.

The Honest John chassis needs to be cut and placed on the other side.

chas b

Wow,great work Barry. I've not really studied this tank myself but you are well on the way.Do you intend building a replica?
Funnily enough I noticed the Panther turret a couple of weeks ago.
Best regards

Chas B
Thanks Chas B,

with 3 5 and unders I'm surprised I had time to post this let alone build anything for the past 5 years!

However other peoples efforts to identify parts on the Mobile and other vehicles have spurred me into studying screencaps of vehicles from UFO and Joe 90 (love the aircraft in that!). When time permits I will be posting information on some of the UFO spacecraft which seem to be built almost entirely from model kits.

Just edited the first message as a picture wasn't showing and noticed something new that I hadn't spotted before as now the 2 pictures are together to view. The front detail of the Tank is distinctly different most noticeably what I think are 2 Gemini parts to the right of the Panther turret are much smaller and the headlight area differs. Now in my mind I would have thought only 1 tank was built.

Hopefully helpfully,

ps if anyone spots a part they can identify that I haven't please post.


Chief Eagle Pilot
Nice work Barry.
Perhaps two tanks were built, one normal and one cut-up for the explosion shots.


Great, Barry. I could not remember seeing the UFO Lunar Tank Rocket Launcher from behind, wow! I am just asking myself wether I should "destroy" a mobile to get the wheels and tracks... :twisted:
I think, I once saw a scratchbuilt UFO Lunar Tank Rocket Launcher model somewhere on the web... I will try to find the pic again.
Studying my screencaps it does seem that the one that blows up is the one with the slightly different detailed front and is not the one we see with its headlight on – you have to look carefully at the position of the headlight.


Big Rab

Forum Supporter
Tank tracks

Is it just me
is it the way the photo has been captured
BUT do the track linkage sections (if thats what you call them) look bigger on the exploding tank than the non exploding one :think:

chas b

The large parts on the back looked familiar to me,I just couldn't remember which kit they were from.................. they are not kit parts!
They are part of the Tiger Joe chassis cut up to fit.

Chas b
Tarnation! The toddler has been sucking the end of my cameras download USB cable and its stopped working. However I have some pics I got off Ebay that illustrate the rear end large sticky out bits at the bottom and they sure are the moulded on upper track support wheels! They had me stumped – didn’t realise the answer was so close to home so to speak with the Tiger Joe tank. If I can get my camera connection working I’ll take a piccy that’s at the same angle for a better comparison.

Now anyone else spotted anything more?! I haven’t started on the rocket launcher parts yet…


chas b

Glad I could help. There's an HJ piece on the left side near the Superfortress part. Part 23.


( I'm expecting you to build this now you know! : )
Thanks to Chas for identifying this part.

I think this bit from the Scissors bridge is there as well.

And the grid pattern we see on the inner surface of the rocket launcher is a slightly sawn off Airfix Scammell trailer chassis!

And the bit at the top right I looks like this piece from the Tillie the Toiler gun.

Thew! Time for bed I think – severe eyestrain time…

Barry have also noticed the Honest John rear mudgaurd between the Cannons, on top of what looks to be the smaller docking ring section of the Gemini capsule 1:24, and another Honest John front mudgaurd on top of the cannon.
Yes, it did occur to me about the mudflaps part but I hadn't checked on it - will have a look at the others you mention and take some piccys later to post. Also I think I have identified a long part on the side of the launcher. Looks like the legs from the 1/21 Long Tom that have been glued by their bottom surface to the side and that the bump you can see is where the "spades" are attached for transportation. Piccys later when I get time from transporting kids to and from school and pre school!

1/21 Long John

1/40 Honest John

1/40 Honest John possibly? On the ends of the Long John legs hinge end?!

On the back of the cannon, there looks to be 3 of part no 10 from the "Tillie the toiler" kit, glued end to end in a line. you were right about the 1:21 parts as the 1:40 long Tom legs are too small. On the side of the tank is also the cab back panel (part 27) from the Honest John, stuck end on, on top of the Scissor bridge deck plate part. Will carry on looking and will watch the DVD.

P.s. Also have you noticed the long tube part of the 1:21 long tom (that is used on the sides of this model) also turns up as the sight on top of the Prop Shado rifles, and bits of Honest john also used to detail them! :eek: