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UFO Lunar Tank Rocket Launcher Parts


:!: I've just been looking at the photos... I am getting old...that's the top half of a Panther hull stuck to the rear of the tank and I hadn't even noticed before. It looks like it belongs, just like the Lunar module halves attached to the back of the large Hawk at the base of the engine bells. Pardon my epiphany, please continue. I greatly admire the clever kit bashing of the studio model makers.

paul gray

Forum Supporter
most of the models i make i try to make moulds of ,as i am always looking for ways to fund my hobby and producing kits helps a little.with this model some of the kit bits are next to impossible to mould and to get the right look you really need the actual kits.i will get round to posting some dimensions if you want to build one yourself,but i am about to start my mobile, so when that's done i will post some measurements. but any questions please ask and i will try to help.
cheers Paul


Paul that really kicks A** buddy, it looks great all your hard work pays off again. I so agree about this forum, it brings us all together from all over this planet to share and learn and have fun. Paul your an amazing man congrats on all your hard work.
Now get on that Mobile stat :whip: :dance: we all need one, purhaps the other gent could loan out the faller kit parts neded for the vents and nose of the cab detail he found???

Mikey out