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Captain Sci-Fi

Hi Chaps

Thinking hats on please.

Years ago I remember seeing some fan art of a landed UFO open up something like the illustration below. If anyone has a scan of the original artwork please post it here or send via an email to me:

Yes, I am working on this kit again.


Captain Sci-Fi

Hi Andre,

It is hollow, working on this in between finishing other work so no deadline just yet. I will only offer this kit when I have stock in hand, so possibly as early as end of February.

All the CAD files are completed, moulds are made for the fast cast parts. Dome production is being arranged with a vac forming company soon, new tools have been made. Watch this space for news.



Forum Supporter
Great looking UFO, Bernie!

Regards the drawing - if that's a doorway, then I think it's perhaps too large.

Captain Sci-Fi

Here is a little guide I made to try to scale the UFO, we had a long debate a while back with measurements taken from Strakers Car and the cottage crash scene.

The illustration showing the UFO open was not made as a scale image really I was trying to prompt someone to remember the illustration I had seen many moons ago. Here is what I have made for scaling purposes, I worked out the UFO to be 24 feet in diameter, this makes things relative in food old fashioned inches (multiply by 25.4 to convert to mm).

I drew the doorway based on the body canister as I speculate they maybe be stored upright and unloaded that way too.

All total speculation of course....

I need to put this aside soon to complete another project but should have kits ready by the end of March (please don't shoot me if it gets delayed).


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This is really interesting - the interpretation of the scale of this craft has always been a talking point with a couple of friends in the pub. I'll post up a few of my thoughts tomorrow.

Captain Sci-Fi

Something else for thought, are all UFO's the same size? It has been muted that like other vehicles there maybe different types, some larger, some smaller dictated by the mission. I actually rather like the idea of the UFO being two or at the very most three person carrying machines.

I am planning to make this a diorama at some stage and thought it would be a good idea to open it to the forum for a collected view. There is perhaps more in written material than I have read so extra research never hurts.

I am very interested to see what you have Howard :thumbup:

Last group of images for this project, all the vanes are push fitted to check geometry and for later disassembly to fit a motor, all passed with flying colours. Talking of colours, I used Ford Moondust Silver Metallic & Rover Tara Green Metallic from the Halfords Acrylic car spray range:



Forum Supporter
That looks fantastic, Bernie!

I'm just tinkering with a few scale ideas before heading off to work.


Hi Bernie
Good model and nice paint job.
Just one question, the shapes at the end of the vanes, on most screen shots have one pointing up and then one pointing down as they go around the dome.
Were there two types of UFO's used ?, I read that there was a early version, which changed later in the show.


Captain Sci-Fi

Hi Frank,
I have a set of paddles with points down. Personally I prefer them like this, this model is just a dry fit at the moment as I am installing a motor drive. I will have alternate up and down paddles when it's done.

We are still speculating about different sized ufo's, I wonder if there were different ships for different missions. We know they used mission equipment so it's not such a leap to speculate this.


Looking great Bernie!
I'm very glad to see this moving forward again. I always assumed the UFO could hold at least 4 persons. With the multiple kidnappings for organs, Foster's joyride, etc. They should have ample room for a small party in there!


You're not referring to my old tongue-in-cheek drawing for Robin Day's Space City site are you Bernie? Also it was before we learned the missing vane was simply broken off & should have been there (lets NOT start an argument thread on that please)

If I recall I did my best speculative research using the Cottage House Scene, specifically the height of the doorway as a scale etc etc...It's still all guesswork in the end. I like the idea there were different sizes of UFO's for different missions, but all relatively identical configuration...Why not?

Captain Sci-Fi

Hi John,

I didn't but I wish I had.... That's great.! :D

The UFO craft is a real enigma, all I can say is I was going after the model used to crash into the cottage as best reference.

Since those shots were taken I have changed every other paddle to alternate the up/down configuration as this seems to be the most common. I'll take more images and post them up soon.

Captain Sci-Fi

Time for a small update....

Here I am staring to fettle a prop shaft for the motor drive. First a length of wire was superglued into the cone cap. Then a disc with a bearing fitted to support the shaft and reduce vibration

The bearing is an eyelet as used in shoe making. A touch of grease is all that's needed to provide a really good bearing surface.

This image shows the underside where the action starts. the whole weight of the model will be suspended from here eventually.

Useful shaft clamps can be liberated from cable clamp connector blocks, just do up the screw fully, nip off the tube top flush, then remove the screw, the barrel will slide out of either open end, replace the screws and there you have it.

The shaft assembly takes shape, the rubber grommet is important to dampen vibration and smooth the rotary action it will need a washer on both sides. The brass tube is a distance tube, I made an alteration to the final design and didn't use it.

It was too cold to use the workshop lathe so lateral thinking conceived this idea. It actually worked a treat and I was able to establish centre's with a pen on masking tape stuck lightly to the apex. where the spiral pattern ended is the middle.

I modified the screw configuration to include so tiny "O" rings between the acrylic dome and cap.
Once the rings started to compress as the screws were tightened I could fine tune the dome to run perfectly level.

Coming soon... Installing an electric motor


That's just too cool, Bern!
And will you be adding a tiny speaker playing a certain sound bite ???
I can't wait to see her spinning!


Forum Supporter
This is just crazy mad genius, Bernie!

I've been looking at the scale issue and will have a few things to post either later today or tomorrow - got to be at work in an hour...

Captain Sci-Fi

Hi Howard,

Ok, look forward to seeing what you have. :D

Time for a few innards. I found a good motor and gearbox with just about the right RPM output.
This is a relief as I don't really have time to build a gearbox. Motor tested with the 9V supply battery it was time to connect it all up.

Drive shaft and connector awaiting motor assembly.

Motor and gearbox assembly. Interestingly the 1:120 label refers to the reduction ratio rather than the RPM at the shaft.

The red thing the model is sitting on is a car cleaning sponge to prevent paint damage.
You can see another motor showing the offset from the output shaft, the weight offset is to help balance the battery.

It works perfectly, the motor is not working hard so battery life should be good. I have had another motor of the same type running continuously all day with no signs of over heating or unexpected mechanical failures.

This kit will be available as an option when the UFO kit is released.

I have never in my life "flown" a model around the room making woooeeeeeb noises.... Not until today that is..! :D

More Later....