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Ultima Thule, found!!


Cool, Indeed! any chance, you suppose anyone there might just happen to be a 1999 fan? :think: Especially with Y1 episodes (like, say, DOD) currently being shown on Comet TV?

Just asking... :?: ;)


Wow, great info about Dr Nancy Grace Roman!! Thanks for sharing. I never knew about her. I’ll have to read up more!

And yes, eagerly awaiting the Ultima Thule flyby!! I hope we get some pics soon.

All the while enjoying the Space 1999 marathon on Comet tv today!!

Happy New Year everyone!:)


New Horizons (Ultima Thule Mix)

:2c: :pics: :whistle:

First - Happy New Year, everybody! :jest: :cheers:

Question: just how many NASA deep-space probes get a music-video of their very own? Well, New Horizons (whose call-home signal successfully reached Earth early this morning/Pacific) sure does!

Here it is - and it's all you'd expect a Brian May (Queen) song to be (and he's an astrophysicist too - wow). :thumbup: Enjoy:


...definitely ready for its close-up! ;) :pics: :#:

Yeah, I think that will be the best shot we get to see until they’re done processing the data sent back. That could be a while. Anyway, I think it’s so cool to see these first few pics!