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Ultraprobe cockpit module - 3d print from eBay

I bought a 3d printed kit of the Ultraprobe cockpit module from 'Dragon's Domain' on eBay. This arrived today, about a week ahead of schedule. It appears to be about the same scale as 12" Eagles going off the front section.

These are the parts in the kit.

From the colours I'd say that the kit was intended to be used without painting anything other than details but I plan on painting the whole thing anyway.
The eBay advert didn't show the thrusters so I was pleasantly surprised to find them included.
I've started off sanding the model and so far it seems pretty easy.


  • ultraprobeparts.jpg
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Trimming and filing some of the excess from the brackets and thrusters.

Doing a push fit test shows that the brackets need to be narrower to fit so I've trimmed them down at the end.

The thrusters have more excess than the other parts. The tops look flat but the material is still pretty easy to trim off.

Left thruster as as they arrived. The one to the right has been partially trimmed.


  • ultraprobebrackets.jpg
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  • ultraprobethrusters.jpg
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The basic assembly along with a simple base made from wire and the lid from a can of spray paint.

The gap I've filled with milliput and also I've added some short lengths of wire for the cabling from the brackets to the main body.



  • ultraprobeassembly.jpg
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  • ultraprobefilledandwires.jpg
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