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Ultraquest and 3ft Super 8 ship


I have posted this in another forum, so I apologise for any repetition.
This is a model of a ship I designed and made for a Super 8 film I made in the 1980s. The original model made for the was 6ft long and destroyed during the course of filming. this model is 3ft. I had fun finding kit parts similar to those used on the original model.
One kit that was used a lot was the Airfix 1/600th scale Bismarck battleship. For the new '3 footer' I was able to get a Revell 1/1200th scale Bismarck which had many similar parts.. so I had pieces that were 50% smaller. Perfect.

I am currently working on a new film project called 'ULTRAQUEST' and looking for funding and support. Here is a link to the Kickstarter page.

Here is a picture of a rough 14" (35cm if you prefer) study model of the ship that will feature in 'Ultraquest'.


  • hyperion study model touch up.jpg
    hyperion study model touch up.jpg
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  • hyp final; model 1.jpg
    hyp final; model 1.jpg
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