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UNCL Laser Tank


Here's mine.
Not strictly accurate - bad enough that i had to get a Chieftain tank for the lower half, but also to buy a centre punch to make the hub caps????
Any i made were pretty crappy so i left em off.



If you have some Saturn V (or 1B) kits knocking around, I used the tiny LEM footpads as the dished hubs on my laser tank that was based on the Airfix Chieftain. They're pretty much spot on size wise.


Both very nice jobs! I have the UNCL tank in my to-do pile, along with two of Jim's 3-tank set. The Eagle-like tank just needs the decals finishing and some weathering, then it's ready to rumble ...
Thank you for the nice compliments guys…and here’s a few more pics of that same tank in different settings… :D

In case you’re wondering, that Zantor spaceship (2nd pic) is another fine “Jim Small” model (sadly no longer produced)…and on the 3rd pic I’ve decided to make a little tribute to TonyB (from TnThobbies) using his wonderful “Séance Spectre” little diorama to “park” my ride... ;)

Can’t wait for PE’s die-cast version of this tank… 8)