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Untethered - and Unforgettable...


:2c: :(

Some sad news to report (in a year that's seen far too much), and scarcely a year since we lost John Glenn...

Every astronaut who's ever had the truly-cosmic experience of flying untethered in space, owes one to astronaut Bruce McCandless, who performed it first...and who has just passed away. You might not recall his name, but that photo of him Out There is one for the ages. Another loss to the fraternity:


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I remember him very well and that iconic image of him floating untethered in space. He was so far away from the space shuttle he almost looked as if he was drifting away and I remember thinking that I hoped nothing went wrong with his MMU. A very brave thing to do, to be the first to try something that had never been attempted before. Rest in peace Bruce.