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Update to SID diagram from UFO Annual


I was looking at the diagram showing the external parts of SID that originally appeared in the 1970 UFO Annual.

Decided to update the drawing with new terminology and parts that were not pointed out in the original. Enjoy.


  • SID external parts copy.jpg
    SID external parts copy.jpg
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I added two additional features to the diagram: a rendezvous radar transponder, and portholes on the lower half of the head. Looking at photos of the large model, they are too big for lights, they look like windows. My philosophy is that SID's head is the human interface to the satellite: the two airlock hatches, the Interceptor docking port, and windows or in this case, portholes. The Interceptor would be equipped with rendezvous radar for docking with SID. Once activated, SID's transponder will also activate. These aids for rendezvous and docking have been used since the Gemini program.

While these items were never discussed in the series or its literature, they would be logical in its existence.


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    SID external parts copy 2 copy.jpg
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