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Updated Forum Rules and FAQ *Please Read*


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Welcome to

To ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience on these forums, please take the time to read the Forum rules, guidelines and FAQ below.

We will update the FAQ section regularly, so please check back here if you have any issues / questions at a later date.

These Guidelines apply across the board without exception.

Breaking any of the rules of the board (set out here and elsewhere) may result in either a temporary or permanent ban.

1 Posting
1.1 General Posting Guidelines
1.2 Irrelevant / off topic posts
1.3 Message content - Legal Disclaimer​

2 Conduct
2.1 General conduct
2.2 Self policing
2.3 Sales
2.4 Buying​

3 Accounts
3.1 Account problems
3.2 Multiple account policy
3.3 Changing forum user ID policy​

4 Communications
4.1 Private communications (PM's)
4.2 PM's and emails settings
4.3 Admins / Moderator policy
4.4 Current Admins / Moderators​

5.1 Recasting / copying
5.2 Forum Ranks
5.3 Signatures - AMC only
5.4 VB/BB code​


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1.1 General posting guidelines

  • Swear/curse if you must but please consider there are minors who visit this board.
  • No offensive user names
  • No personal abuse; please respect other members.
  • Racist views will not be tolerated.
  • No Spamming.
  • No links to other sites unrelated to sci-fi or collecting - either in your signature or profile. The Admin may waive this at his discretion for genuine/regular forum contributors.
  • No links to warez, porn sites or other illegal download sites.
  • No promotion of illegal or antisocial activities such as illegal drug use, CD/DVD/Games piracy, violence, etc.
  • No "ego" - leave that at the door, thank you!
  • No "textspeak", no ALLCAPS and remember punctuation and paragraphing - it's just easier to read for all concerned.
  • No massive images (see details below)
  • DO NOT quote images (or massive swathes of text) in your reply unless it is critical to the context of your reply.
  • Do NOT post personal information relating to someone without their consent. This includes but is not limited to; email address, phone number, address, real name etc.
  • Do NOT host copies of the content of this forum, either in text, image and/or HTML (web page) format without express permission.

1.2 Irrelevant / off topic posts

  • Themed forums are hosted here for your infotainment. Off-topic posts will be moved or deleted at the discretion of the Admin or moderators. The Admin or moderator's decision is final.

1.3 Message content - Legal disclaimer

  • Users are legally responsible and liable for the content in their posts.

    The owners of, staff, volunteers, and moderators will be held harmless against any and all claims resulting from the use (or misuse) of these boards.

    Please direct any questions, comments, complaints or suggestions to the site admin (Eagle) or any of our appointed Moderators; (CR, TonyB, JD or w8cmp) via Private Message or email.

    Thank you for your co-operation.

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2.1 General Conduct

We'd like this board to be civil, if not courteous, at all times. If you have issues with another member, please take it to PM or email. We credit our community with a lot of intelligence and even a heavily-veiled dig at someone can cause upset. No one wants that here in an open forum.

We simply don't have the time to spend deleting/editing threads, pm'ing, acting as a go-between etc. To save us this time, we'd rather just delete members accounts, so... keep it civil and any animosity off the boards!

Anything deemed to be deliberately inflammatory will be deleted without notice. The admin or moderator's decision is final and will be in the best interests of the community as a whole.

Let's remember that we're here because of one common interest - let's share our knowledge and have fun at the same time without any animosity.

Please THINK before you post!

2.2 Self policing

We all have busy lives - even (unpaid) moderators. To that end, the membership here are now collectively responsible for 'policing' the forum. If there is a problem, don't automatically expect us to be aware of it (it's a vast forum) please use the 'RED ALERT' (Report Post) button
to draw it to our attention.

2.3 Sales

Selling here requires AMC Membership. Please see here for details.

If you are not an AMC Member do not sell or advertise your wares anywhere on the board - unless it is a response to a specific request for products or services. The exception of course is linking to your auctions on eBay in 'Catacombs'.

Selling includes 'interest/sign-up threads'

If you have stuff to sell but you don't wish to become an AMC Member you are quite welcome to purchase banner advertising.

Members (of any level) may not post items for sale - or coordinate sales - on behalf of a third party.

2.4 Buying

Buying or requesting services and products here does not require AMC Membership.

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3.1 Account problems

If you have any problems with your account, please email or PM Karr1981

3.2 Multiple accounts policy

One account per person

Do not hide behind multiple forum IDs.

In order to protect the membership, multiple user accounts may be deleted without warning - unless prior explanation is given.

The forum software can detect IP addresses so if a friend comes to your house and logs on - you BOTH risk deletion and/or exile. Please let us know first if this is likely to happen.

From 24th December 2009 onwards, any members who are suspected of running multiple accounts will have their membership deleted without question (or recourse).

3.3 Forum user ID change policy

If you want to change your User ID, that's fine, but for reasons of transparency, the change will be recorded here.

Please make a firm decision; they will not be changed back again!

Please request via email or PM.

---------------- Changed Ids-----------------

spinar now cratercritter
Prowler now Rdrunner
Tony42 now Bishop

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4.1 Private communications (PM's)

If you feel you have been the recipient of a PM that violates the guidelines here, please inform the Administrator immediately, quoting the offending message. No guarantees are made or implied that a course of action desirable to the offended party will actually be carried out. The situation will however be given due consideration and/or action.

Please also DO NOT reproduce PMs in public either in part or complete without permission of the originator. However, be aware that PMs to moderating staff concerning board issues may be reproduced (in private, moderator discussion only) in order to aid any decision-making process.

4.2 PM / Email settings

  • PM and email facilities are disabled for members with a post count less than 5. However, you may still PM Admin and Moderators.

    This has been actioned so that new users may garner trust and openness with existing users before potentially doing business privately. If you desperately need to get in touch with someone, by all means get in touch with myself or one of the moderating team and we will relay your message. Thanks for your understanding on this matter.
  • There is currently a limit of 250 stored messages allocated to each Alphan (Registered User).
  • Please check your mailboxes and delete any unwanted items on a regular basis to ensure you're not missing any new PMs!
  • If you don't want to lose any information, you can always download your messages as a text, CSV or XML file (see link in your messages panel).

4.3 Admin / Moderator policy

The Admin and Moderators are here to maintain order and ensure that all users have the same freedom in expressing their opinion, asking their questions and discussing their chosen topics. The Admin and moderators will scan the board and they reserve the right to edit, move or delete posts or topics as they deem appropriate.

We also reserve the right to Suspend and/or Ban members for transgression of rules and guidelines or as we see fit. This is not a democracy and you are here as a (welcome) guest until you make yourself unwelcome by your actions here or elsewhere.

Such 'severe' penalties will generally be applied in the best interests of the forum as a whole and as a last resort. Members are requested to respect our decisions and/or actions.

The Admin reserves the right to ammend/append forum rules without notice.

4.4 Current Admins / Moderators

Captain Sci-Fi, Eagle, Karr1981 / Howard (UK), Exterminator (UK), DarkView (UK),

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5.1 Recasting / Copying

Deliberate recasting of another member’s creation(s) without permission is something we do not support as a community. Any member found selling/trading items recast from another member without permission may be exiled without notice. This also applies to ripping off people from other communities.

If someone is ripping you off by recasting or copying your work, please refrain from discussing it openly on the forum - do not make accusations. Please discuss the issue with the alledged party by private means (PM/email/letter). As has been demonstrated time and time again, it causes too much ill-feeling if discussed in the open and it drags threads off-topic. The vast majority of the membership aren't interested in accusations and counter-accusations; just facts. Take it to court, obtain a conviction, then tell us all about it.

At the very least, prove it in an easy to read and understand format - and send it to us privately for consideration. Otherwise - unless it's blatantly obvious - we can't do anything.

General Recasting (of kit parts etc)

This topic has been done to death. This is a forum is frequented by private, small-time enthusiasts who engage in a global hobby renowned for - and largely based on - recasting of kit parts. We do not condone it; it is in most cases technically illegal - but it happens. It is how this hobby perpetuates. We know it, you know it and, believe it or not - so do the kit manufacturers.

If you have a personal issue with recasting of kit parts, please feel free to exit via the airlock and join any of the countless dozens of other prop replica/scale modelling forums across the globe. There, you will find exactly the same thing happening... tenfold.

5.2 Forum ranks

Key Personnel:

Commander - (Administrator)

Deputy Commander - (Moderator)

Special Status:

Chief Eagle Pilot - (Owns one or more original studio Eagles)

Alpha Personnel:

Rank and number of posts required:

Alphan - 0

Waste Technician - 10

Chef - 20

Hydroponics Technician - 30

Travel Tube Technician - 50

Life Support Technician - 75

Geological Technician - 100

Weapons Engineer - 125

Medical Technician - 150

Computer Technician - 200

Astrophysics Technician - 250

Eagle Pilot - 500

Communications Officer - 750

Life Support Officer - 1500

Medical Officer - 2500

Science Officer - 5000

Chief Medical Officer - 7500

Chief Science officer - 10000

? - ?

(? = Ranks will be revealed as they are reached by forum members! ;))



Other Forum Insignia:

A.M.C. Patch - signifies a member who is donating annually, via subscription.

The letters A. M. C. stand for 'Alpha Moonbase Courier'. Worn by many of Alpha's best pilots; occasionally worn by other key personnel trained for deep space missions that would have originated on the moon. Sometimes worn on regulation uniforms by those primarily involved with deep space missions.

A.M.C. info courtesy:

5.3 Signatures - AMC only

The ability to display Signatures in posts has been disabled for non-AMC members. This is down to two reasons:

• Spammers joining up then posting commercial links.
• A further enhancement to AMC Membership.

5.4 VB/BB Code

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