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USN Sentinel

After issues with the health and safety dept re dropping this massive ship and the risk of damage and lose of life i was told what i need to continue construction is a dry dock so slight side track .
Thanks International Rescue for dobbing me in!. :)



This is Really starting to Look Great & Very Sharp! Keep up the Awesome Work! btw, i mentioned your Project on What if Modellers .com they've Registered a new Domain name & Everyone would like to see a Link. Dan


I just was on and No one can see the Pics because They're Not Members. i just mentioned You were Trying to Register. Hope this Helps. Dan
This is Really Looking Good. Keep up the Superb Work! Dan

Thanks again Dan, really got my focus on the next ship , what a cool carrier i cant wait ,already planning Her.

Also still cant register will try ongoing , i give you permission to download and share any of my pics on the other sites if you feel like it to satisfy them in the mean time, its up to you.

Lots of fine detail and weathering next, the entire model including dock is 15 inch long.

Next up when this is done is the carrier Atlantic twin hull from Thunderbirds but also based on the Bleathman cross section that has major differences to the filming model, i guess there was little footage and no plans or model to reference, im going to do it as a waterline model as i have no idea whats underwater , the Atlantic will be 18 inches long, with much detail on the deck as the closeup models has.

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