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Various scratchbuild threads


Commander Ret.
As the forum grows over time, things will inevitably get buried.

So, here be listed some Eagle Transporter scratchbuild topics for handy reference (rather than fanny around with the search function!).

Nuclear Waste Canisters - w8cmp

Grab Arm and Capsule - Eagle

Grab Arm and Refuelling Attachment - w8cmp

Eagle Hangar - john_trek

Hangar Triangles - doon/various

Nuclear Waste Domes - various

Meta Probe Panels - DX-SFX

Collision Course Nuclear Mine - JD

Pallet Pod 1 - Transporter and Pallet Pod 2 - john_trek (More conversions than scratchbuilds, but they tie in and may be useful to both kitbashers & scratchbuilders alike.)

Side Booster (44" scale) - paul gray

If I miss any, drop me a PM.

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